Teaching and Learning

Teaching, Learning & Assessment Strategy

The UCO's Teaching, Learning & Assessment Strategy strategy proposes actions and targets to help our tutors to incorporate cutting-edge approaches to learning, teaching and assessment into a curriculum that fully meets our students’ needs.

The UCO's strategic approach concentrates on:

1. Fostering a supportive learning environment to enhance learning, teaching and assessment.

2. Improving formative assessment and feedback to students.

3. Supporting and retaining diverse students.

4. Supporting, rewarding and developing teaching staff.

5. Fostering research that supports teaching.

6. Fostering creativity in curriculum design.

Supporting Students through the Teaching, Learning & Assessment Strategy

The UCO welcomes students from diverse backgrounds and aims to provide them with a wide range of options regarding attendance patterns and accommodating different learning styles and by designing purposeful learning environments in convenient locations.

The UCO supports students to enable them to become active, independent and responsible learners who can achieve their maximum potential and to demonstrate this fully and successfully.

The UCO ensures that the learning opportunities we offer are positive, enabling, knowledge-building, transformative and,  for some, life-changing experiences. To achieve this, we recruit well-trained, resourceful and proactive staff who are fully committed to best practices in teaching, linking this with underpinning pedagogic scholarship.

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