Teaching and Learning

E-Learning Strategy

The E-Learning strategy has been developed as an appendix to the UCO's Teaching, Learning & Assessment Strategy and forms an integral part of future Teaching, Learning & Assessment strategy developments.

It outlines the future plans and directions of the UCO's flexible and electronically supported learning opportunities for all students and staff.

While this strategy's primary focus is on learning, it broadly relates to all aspects of the student experience.

E-Learning Definition

The UCO defines E-learning as:

Learning facilitated and supported through the use of information and communications technology.

E-learning may involve the use of a variety of technologies and covers a wide range of activities from supporting face to face learning, to blended learning (the combination of traditional and e-learning practices), to learning that is delivered entirely online.

E-Learning Aims

The aims of E-Learning at the UCO are:

1. To enhance the quality and flexibility of learning experiences of students and staff.

2. To support staff in the delivery, development and administration of eLearning.

3. To guide and inform investment and deployment of eLearning services, support staff and infrastructure.

E-Learning Objectives
The objectives of E-Learning at the UCO are:
1. To ensure that students will be able to access a wide range of different learning experiences, to make informed choices about their use of e-learning services and materials, and to progress from the UCO with their own learning records.
2. To ensure that E-Learning will form an integral part of the UCO's approach to widening access, flexible delivery and enhancing student experiences.
3. To allow all students & staff easy access to appropriate, high-quality learning materials and to flexible learning systems and tools, which they will be able to customise to suit their own preferences and needs.
4. To provide development opportunities and support to enhance staff confidence in managing and facilitating e-learning in different contexts.
5. To resource E-Learning Working Groups to work with senior academic staff to develop, implement and evaluate effective and responsive e-learning systems and structures and to make more informed decisions on the strategic use of E-learning.
6. To ensure that a coordinated approach will be developed across the UCO to support the implementation of technical services, in order to enhance both the diversity and accessibility of resources available.

The UCO's Virtual Learning Environment (BONE)

E-Learning is an ongoing priority of the UCO’s Teaching, Learning & Assessment Strategy and, as part of a commitment to further engage with an ever more computer-literate student, the UCO continues to develop its Moodle-based virtual learning environment, known locally as BONE.

Ongoing enhancements to BONE are made in response to both student and staff feedback and suggestions about how our online provision can best serve the needs of both parties, enabling the UCO to streamline delivery of digital content and resources and to keep pace with the ever changing demands of technology in education.

The UCO has a freedom of material policy with regard to our online learning content which provides all students with access to every single learning resource on BONE, regardless of their course or year of study.

This approach encourages students to interact with different year groups that they may not otherwise come into contact with, exchanging knowledge, strengthening working relationships and building friendships.

BONE offers students a wealth of knowledge delivered in an easily-navigable and dynamic website acessible to students from anywhere in the world.

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