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Assessment & Feedback

The UCO's approach and regulations regarding Assessment & Feedback is provided in the Academic Quality Framework published here:


High quality assessment practices at the UCO contribute to the maintenance of academic standards.

To help achieve this the assessment strategy of each course is based upon and complis with the "Principles of Assessment" outlined below.

Principles of Assessment

Assessments should measure the learning outcomes of the unit or course and there should be a clear and obvious link in this regard.
Assessments should be reasonable in the expectations placed on students and be demonstrably conducted in an equitable and consistent manner.

The assessment result should be dependent only on measures of the learning outcomes of the unit or course, and should be free from bias caused by the individual or group background, either of the assessors or the students. Thus questions should be intelligible to all those being assessed.

Assessment strategies should allow for an accommodation of functional differences arising from disability, learning styles and physical issues.

Assessment and examination practices should provide disabled students with the same opportunity as their peers to demonstrate the achievement of learning outcomes.
Assessments should deliver repeatable and accurate judgements.

Consistent results should be obtainable for different assessors on each assessment decision.
Assessments should measure performance at the level of the unit or course and defined procedures, processes and standards should be adhered to strictly.
Assessments should enable assessors to distinguish between students who meet and those who fail to meet the intended learning outcomes.

Where performance is to be graded, they should ensure that students who perform better are appropriately rewarded in the marks given.


Effective and timely feedback on students' work is an important element in successful learning and maintaining learners' motivation.

Giving effective feedback takes care and attention but need not be overly time-consuming if some key principles are followed.

Student & Faculty Feedback Handbooks

The UCO has developed two handbooks to provide guidance to Students (focusing on how to use feedback effectively) and to Faculty (focusing on how to provide students with effective feedback).

The UCO strongly recommends that both students and staff read their respective handbooks to understand the expectations the UCO has regarding the provision and use of feedback.

The Student Feedback Handbook is published here: http://intranet.uco.ac.uk/guidelines_and_handbooks/

The Faculty Feedback Handbook is published here: http://intranet.uco.ac.uk/guidelines_and_handbooks/

Further Guidance for Faculty

Further guidance for faculty about assessment and feedback can be found through the Higher Education Academy here:

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