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Learning Support

The Student Learning Advisor
The Student Learning Advisor (SLA) offers academic support to students on all courses. The SLA's Office (Room 3.06) is dedicated to learning support and study skills resources including study skills books (which may be loaned through the library) and a computer with specialist software (Text Help Read & Write Gold & Freeview Mind Mapping) can be accessed from here and in Room 3.09.

The Student Learning Advisor is:

Ugo Ejionye
Room 3.06
020 7089 5335

Service Opening Times:

Monday - Friday (All Year)
9:30am - 5:30pm

Part time - Weekend opening times:

A member of the support team will be available every part time weekend. Please check forums for specific dates. Please email a member of the team if you are unable to attend at any of these times to book an appointment.

Academic Learning Resources and Study Skills

The SLA is available to help with a range of study skills and in addition to the face to face tutoring available covering the topics below.

There are also help sheets and resources on the Academic Learning Resources page on BONE.

Draft Work

The SLA is able to read a draft version of written work and give general feedback regarding writing style, structure, grammar and spelling.

In addition to this they can advise students as to whether their work meets the assessment brief (dissertations are the exception to this rule).

The SLA is able to proof read written work for students with English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and dyslexic students, giving more detailed advice on grammar and sentence structure.

Students are advised that if they wish to use the service they must ensure their assessments are sent to or have made an appointment with the SLA 10 working days prior to the assessment hand in date and only one draft will be looked at. We cannot guarantee that the work will be looked at, and feedback provided, after this date.

Academic Tutors

The role of the Academic Tutor is to support and assist students throughout their studies and to help them make the most of their time at the UCO.

Academic Tutors are responsible for helping students to evaluate their own learning and make action plans or learning goals, using the Personal Development Plan (PDP) as a framework particularly in the first year of study.

You will have a group Academic Tutor meeting in the first term and you should ideally have an individual meeting once every term (apart from the 4th year).

These meetings will give you the opportunity to discuss how you are doing and include any grades you may have received as well as any feedback on your academic and technical performance.

The Academic Tutor should give you enough guidance to create a plan of action so that you can improve on your grades, meet your learning goals, and help resolve any academic concerns you may have.

Please see your Course Handbook on BONE (within the Course Information Page) to find out who your Academic Tutor is.

If you find accessing your Academic Tutor difficult please advise the Student Support Manager.

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