Student Support

The Counselling Service
The Student Support Department is here to help you gain as much as possible from your time at the UCO.
We aim to offer you prompt access to counselling if you are experiencing problems of a personal or emotional nature that may be interfering with your academic work and your life.
Counselling is free to students from all pathways.

The Student Counsellor
The Student Counsellor is:
Clive Carswell
Room 3.12
020 7089 5333

The psychodynamic model of therapy is offered by the Student Counsellor:  
To make an appointment with the Counsellor you should place an X (or your initials) on the appointment sheet outside Room 3.12 or email the Counsellor directly.
For part time students who are unable to get to the UCO during the week skype appointments are available during Clive's standard working hours. Please email him for further information.

Trainee Counsellors
We also have trainee counsellors who (like you) are required to accumulate clinic hours before they may go into practice alone. The trainee counsellors offer CBT. After your initial assessment the UCO Counsellor will decide which mode of therapy is best for you.

How the Counselling Service may help you:
  • Counselling offers you the opportunity to talk in confidence with someone who is impartial and separate from school, social and family life.
  • The Counsellor cannot solve your problems for you; their aim is to help you find and activate your own resources to resolve your difficulties.
  • Counselling may enable you to make some changes in your life or think about new ways to manage your situation.
  • Help with a wide range of issues.

Frequently Asked Questions about Counselling:
Q:      I’m not sure what my problem is. Can I still come for counselling?
A:      Yes, counselling will help you explore and clarify whatever is troubling you.

Q:      How do I make an appointment with the Counsellor ?
A:      There is an appointment sheet on the wall outside room 3.12. Place an X or your initials in the appointment time of your choice.
A:      Alternatively you can email the Counsellor for an appointment.
A:      We aim to offer a first appointment within 5 working days (although it may take a little longer at peak times, or if you have very limited availability).

Q:      What will happen when I come for my assessment appointment?
A:      The Counsellor may ask you to complete a form that will help you think about what your difficulties are and what you may want out of counselling.
A:      They will discuss these with you and together you will decide the best way forward.
A:      You may be referred to another depending on which mode of therapy would work best for you.

Q:      How many sessions will I have?
A:      We can offer up to 6 sessions, depending on need and this will be discussed with you at your first appointment.
A:      Each session lasts about 50 minutes.

Q:      What if I am unable to keep an appointment?
A:      There is a heavy demand for the service and we hope you will value your contact with us.
A:      Please let the Counsellor know as soon as possible (at least 24 hours) if you are unable to attend so they can re-allocate your appointment(s).

Q:      Will anyone outside of the Counselling Service know I am coming for counselling?
A:      Not unless you tell them.
A:      Counselling is confidential except in certain exceptional circumstances.

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