The Student Handbook

Welcome to the Student Handbook!

This handbook is applicable to all students of the UCO and is intended to be your main guide to studying at the UCO. It contains details and information about the facilities and services that are provided for you and where to look for additional support and guidance.  It is intended to be your first point of reference should you have any questions about the UCO, and we hope that for most situations this handbook will provide you with the answers.

There are currently two versions of the Student Handbook; one for students studying UCO awards and the other for students studying University of Bedfordshire awards.Both essentially contain the same information (as summarised below), but with the latter containing appropriate references to the University of Bedfordshire.

A summary of the contents list of the Student Handbook is provided below to enable you to quickly see what information the handbook contains in addition to some useful links connecting you quickly to information to which the handbook refers.

Access the Student Handbook

Download the Student Handbook:  UCO Student Handbook 2018-2019

Student Handbook Contents

Welcome to the University College of Osteopathy
An Introduction to the Student Handbook
Useful Information & Guidance
Academic Governance & Management Information
Course & Unit Information
Course Information Forms
Course Handbooks
Unit Information Forms
Unit Handbooks
Studying at the UCO

The Teaching Centre
The Clinical Centre
Conduct & Behaviour
Professional Relationships with Staff
Attendance & Participation
Receiving Osteopathic Treatment
Freedom of Speech
The Prevent Duty & Safeguarding
Policies & Procedures for Students
Guidelines & Handbooks for Students
The Academic Quality Framework
Study Skills Guidance
Time Management
Preparing Assignments
Writing Assignments
Oral Presentations
Assessment Guidance
Assessment Tasks
The Process of Setting Assessments
Types of Assessment
Required Format of Written Assignments
Submitting Coursework
Collecting Assignments
Grading, Results & Using Feedback
Marking Assessments
Progression Criteria
Viva Voce Examinations
Academic Appeals
Academic Offences
Notification of Results
GOsC Requirements
Using Your Student Voice
Open Door Policy
Student Representative System
Student Evaluation Questionnaires
Focus Groups, Steering & Working Parties
Course / Unit Approvals & Reviews
Complaints & Appeals Procedures
The UCO Student Union
The SU Constitution
The Student Charter
Student Societies
Manus Sinistra
Student Services & Facilities
The Academic Registry
Introduction & Intranet Information
Student Record System
Student Registration & Induction
Student Cards
Student Status Confirmation
Academic Advisory Service
Attendance Registers
Assessmemt Administration
Special Circumstances
Transcripts of Results
Making a Complaint
Duty of Care & Whistleblowing
Reporting Academic Registry Issues & Enhancements
Estates & Facilities
Introduction & Intranet Information
Maintenance Issues
Health & Safety
Students at Special Risk
First Aid & Reporting Accidents
Health & Safety in the Clinical Environment
Fire Safety & Evacuation Procedures
Related Health & Safety Policies & Procedures
Lost Property
Car Parking & Cycle Facilities
Sustainability & Recycling
Site Opening Hours
Reporting Estates & Facilities Issues & Enhancements
Finance Department
Introduction & Intranet Information
Tuition Fees
Other Charges
Payment Methods & Plans
Reporting Student Finance Issues & Enhancements
ICT Department, Computing & Information Technology
Introduction & Intranet Information
Computing Suites & Facilities
Registering for ICT Services
University of Bedfordshire Learning Resources
Codes of Conduct Regarding Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources
Reporting ICT Issues & Enhancements
Library & Learning Resources
Introducation & Intranet Information
Library Opening Hours
Library Staff
Library Resources & Services
Using the Library
University of Bedfordshire Library Resources
Reporting Library & Learning Resources Issues & Enhancements
Student Support
Introduction & Intranet Information
Learning Support Service
Students with English as an Additional Language
Skills Development
Guidance on the Proper Use of English
Supporting Students with a Disability
Disability Advisory Service
Student Welfare Advisory Service
Counselling Service
Equality & Diversity
Careers Advice
Withdrawing from your Course / Suspending your Studies
Academic Tutors
Reporting Student Support Issues & Enhancements
Academic Governance & Management
Academic Governance
Academic Management
Validating Institutions
Collaborative Partners

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UCO Website
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UoB Website
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UoB Library
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