Quality Assurance & Enhancement

The UCO’s Approach to Quality

The UCO’s approach to quality recognises the opportunity for on-going improvement and is informed by the UCO’s values outlined in its Strategic Plan.  Areas of activity include:

  • Evaluation and enhancement of academic governance structures and UCO committees;
  • Ensuring that academic standards meet university, national and Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body (PSRB) expectations for the management and assurance of quality in higher education;
  • Providing mechanisms for student engagement in quality assurance and enhancement activity;
  • Monitoring  and enhancing the experience of students studying at the UCO;
  • Monitoring and utilising current developments and good practice in quality assurance and enhancement in the higher education sector.
Additionally, the UCO’s high standards and ambitions for quality enhancement are achieved in part through the objectives contained within the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Strategy and other initiatives.

The UCO’s approach is predicated on our belief that it is the professionalism and creativity of staff, individually and collectively, that makes the most vital contribution to the enhancement of provision; through their attention to their students’ experience as learners, to the development of their disciplines, and their engagement with their teaching practice. In this, quality is complemented and augmented by the UCO’s level of provision in its other vital learning resources: the clinic, library, IT, general facilities, and the wide range of support services.

To ensure that the UCO meets its aims with respect to academic quality and standards, it has developed a comprehensive framework of academic policies and regulations. These are presented in the UCO’s Academic Quality Framework.

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