Quality Assurance & Enhancement

The Academic Quality Framework

To ensure that the UCO meets its aims with respect to academic quality and standards, it has developed a comprehensive framework of academic processes, policies and regulations. These are presented in the Academic Quality Framework (AQF).  The AQF sets out the UCO’s procedures for the management of academic quality and standards in teaching and learning. All teaching and support staff work towards providing students with an exceptional student experience, and have a collective responsibility both for ensuring a high quality learning experience for students, and for the standard of the awards made.

The AQF is informed by the UCO’s Strategic Plan and Teaching, Learning and Assessment Strategy and by the key external reference points provided by the QAA’s UK Quality Code. Its intended audience is UCO staff, faculty, students and, additionally, external readers to provide transparency and accessibility to the quality processes in operation at the UCO.

The AQF details the UCO’s processes, policies and regulations regarding:

  • Teaching and Learning at the UCO
  • The Assurance and Enhancement of Academic Quality and Standards in Teaching and Learning at the UCO
  • Course Approval and Changes to Courses
  • Course Periodic Review
  • Annual Monitoring & Reporting
  • Staff Recruitment and Development
  • Academic Regulations
  • Student Recruitment and Admissions
  • Student Guidance and Learner Support & the Student Voice
  • Academic Administration
  • Assessment and Examination Policies and Practices of Taught Courses
  • External Examining & Board of Examiners
  • Collaborative Activity
  • Academic Policies and Procedures
The AQF is published here: ADD LINK

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