Professional Development
Professional Doctorate in Osteopathy (D.Prof. (Ost))

The D.Prof. (Ost) is validated by the University of Bedfordshire provides an opportunity to investigate some of the key challenges facing the osteopathic profession today. Some of these are unique to osteopathy, but many are also faced by other professions, offering opportunities for collaboration and sharing of experience.

In order to focus most teaching time on osteopathic practice, students are required to have at least four years’ post-graduation experience and to be familiar with research methodology and statistics. This is to enable more time to be spent investigating issues such as the nature of osteopathic expertise, palpation, good practice and clinical skills.

In-house at the UCO
Course Leader
Prof. Stephen Tyreman
Course duration
4-5 years
When does it start?
Contact our Admissions Team
How do I sign-up?
Contact our Admissions Team
FREE to all UCO members of faculty1

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