Professional Development
Postgraduate Certificate in Academic and Clinical Education (Pg Cert ACE)

This course is designed for osteopaths and other manual therapy practitioners. It is a one year course that aims to address specific needs with regard to planning, delivering, and assessing both classroom and, innovatively, clinic-based learning at undergraduate and postgraduate level in both traditional and more complex or challenging situations. This innovative and exciting course offers opportunities for the development of both experienced and new educators alike with an emphasis on supporting collaborative learning in academic and workplace settings. It is shaped to allow delivery to a range of manual medicine professionals, including visiting overseas practitioners.

Four important areas are explored through this course:

  • Educational Theory – This area explores current concepts and debates regarding models of reflection, student-centered learning, perspectives in education, situated learning, clinical supervision and supervisory relationships.
  • Educational Practice – This explores practical approaches to teaching and supporting learning using lectures, small groups and e-learning and considers addressing barriers to learning. It looks at approaches to the development of course materials and effective assessment/ feedback
  • Supporting Student Learning – This explores student needs, pastoral care, learning styles and preparing the emerging professional for autonomous practice.
  • Institutional Issues – This looks at the place of the educator in the teaching institution looking at the role of the curriculum and syllabus, external and internal validation, compliance and leadership.
In-house at the UCO
Course Leader
Fiona Hendry
Course duration
1 year
When does it start?
Normally September
How do I sign-up?
Contact our Admissions Team
FREE to all UCO members of faculty1

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