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HEA Accreditation – Professional Recognition Route

The Higher Education Authority (HEA) is an independent national organisation, funded by the four UK Higher Education (HE) funding bodies which supports the HE community to enhance the quality and impact of learning and teaching at a national level. The HEA also provides academic staff with professional recognition, via a national benchmarked framework – the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF), along with networking and development opportunities, advice and support.

The UCO supports and indeed recommends that all academic staff become accredited by the HEA, and will be pursuing HEA accreditation for its own Pg Cert in Academic & Clinical Education course. However, for those members of faculty with experience in osteopathic teaching over number of years (three or more) an additional, shorter route is available in the form of the Professional Recognition Route. This involves completion of a short reflective statement, based on the standards framework and gathering two peer references and the UCO can provide support in completing this documentation to aid staff in this process.

There is no fixed time scale for completing this, and the length of time required is dependent on the individual, but individuals who have already been through the process report that it is possible to complete in a matter of days/weeks.

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