Professional Development

Appraisal/Professional Development Review

The UCO has an annual (calendar year) Professional Development Review (PDR) or appraisal process for all members of staff. The PDR system is designed to:

  • Review individual performance against agreed objectives
  • Resolve outstanding problems and challenges
  • Provide a formal opportunity to communicate and discuss job performance and content, and agree objectives which can be reviewed in the future
  • Improve job satisfaction by recognising and supporting the individual’s need for development within the job
  • Identify aspects of performance which could be developed, and agree methods of improvement
  • Agree development plans and evaluate training undertaken
  • Identify strengths and areas of interest which could be built upon to improve opportunity for the individual to reach full potential
Completed PDR records are held in the HR Office once written up, and individual training needs identified during the appraisals are prioritised.

Peer observation forms part of the PDR process for teaching staff. Through this process members of teaching staff pair with colleagues who observe their teaching and provide developmental feedback. The choice of observer is entirely down to the individual, with members of faculty subsequently drawing upon this documented information during their PDR meetings with their manager.

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