Policies and Procedures.

Welcome to the "Policies and Procedures" page of the Intranet where you can find the most current versions of these core documents.

School policies and procedures are developed to promote and support student achievement and to enhance and promote operational efficiencies at the School. Ensuring that appropriate policies and procedures are in place directly impacts on maintaining academic standards and quality assurance and enhancement at the School. They provide students, faculty and staff with clear processes to follow and ensure that actions and decisions are considered by appropriate individuals in a consistent and responsible way.

A wide range of academic policies and procedures are in operation at the School some of which are for specific audiences, i.e. staff, students and those relating to the clinic. Listed below are the policies and procedures for all members of the School (i.e. both students and staff). Policies and procedures for specific audiences are accessible by clicking on the relevant links below.

If you have any questions about any of the policies and procedures published on these pages please contact the Head of Quality (Heather Batten, h.batten@bso.ac.uk).

Policies and Procedures Specifically for Staff, Students and Clinic

Please click on the relevant link below to access policies and procedures specific to staff, students and the clinic:

Institutional Policies and Procedures Relevant to All Members of the School

(Both Students and Staff)

        pdf Hot Works Permit Form.pdf

        70px-Word_Logo.png Hot Works Permit Form.doc

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