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The UCO Library is located on the Third Floor of the Borough High Street site and should have a copy of every text you will need to complete your course.

We hold osteopathic dissertations, anatomical models, some 10,000 books, 200 videos and DVDs and take 45 Journals.

Library Staff

The UCO Library is staffed by experienced librarians all of whom can provide you with guidance on utilising the resources and services available in the library in person, by emailing "Library" in FirstClass or by calling 020 7089 5324:

Role Title
Head Librarian
Will Podmore
Assistant Librarian
James Barclay
Assistant Librarian
Claire O'Donovan

Library Opening Hours

The Library is regularly consulted by non-UCO students, osteopaths and other healthcare professionals. To arrange a visit, please contact us in advance. When you arrive at the UCO on Borough High Street, please sign in at the main reception.  Our opening times can be found in the Institutional calendar on the intranet home page.

How do I find a book?

If you know what you are looking for but are unsure of where to find it, there are several ways you can go about doing so: Use the search box at the top of this page and/or ask a friendly, helpful librarian at one of the issue desks, by email or telephone.

Loan copies of books are found on the four bookcases running along the centre of the library. Each bookshelf has subject labels e.g. ‘radiology’, ‘anatomy’ to aid browsing. Any book with an ‘X’ before its class mark is over-sized and found on the bottom two shelves of each bookcase. Books marked ‘REF’ are reference copies and can be found on the two bookcases nearest the door. Books recently added to the collection can be found on the ‘New Books’ stand at the far right hand corner of the library.

Request a book we do not currently have in the collection
If you cannot login to your Library account, please contact the Library staff and we can set a temporary PIN, which resolves most problems.

How do I borrow books?

To borrow a book you need to be registered as a library user. Simply ask one of the librarians at the issue desks and they will add you to the system. We don’t issue cards.

Studying in the library

There are several large tables and two large compartmentalised workstations in the library for you to work at. If you want to do some group work, please use the Stephen Pheasant Ergonomics Library which also has a television with player for watching material on DVD and VHS. A range of videos is also available via MonD Player 2.7’ available on any UCO computer or remotely via VMWare:

Firstly, please consider Scanning to the your UCO email inbox using the library photocopier. This is free although you will need some credit on your account (see below for details).
Please login using the touch screen panel on the Photocopier. Your login details are the same as those you use to access the Computer Network. All photocopies are made subject to copyright restrictions.

There is a black and white printer available in each of the computer rooms on the third floor (Room 3.05 and 3.10). A colour printer is available in the library (Room 3.07). You may select any of these three printers from any of the computers on the 3rd floor.

Printer/Photocopy Top-Up Point
Payment for printing and photocopying is done using a virtual personal account. To add credit, please use the white machine on the pillar by the library fire extinguisher:  enter your username then password; Insert coins (50p, £1, £2) or notes (£5, £10, £20), and press Finish.

Printing/photocopying costs

A4 - Black and White
A4 - Colour
A3 - Black and White
A3 - Colour

Computing Help

If you have any problems when using a computer, the network or printers, please ask library staff first as we might be able to help you. If we can’t help, ask a member of IT staff to help you.

Binding of Work

A machine that binds work into a plastic folder is available at a rate of £1 per binder. Please ask one of the librarians.

Contact Us

Will (Head of Learning Resources)

Claire & James (Assistant Librarians)

Click here to email the library

0207 089 5324

Follow us @BSO_Library

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