UCO Electronic Resources

The UCO's Electronic Resources Provider is currently EBSCO, but will change to OVID from August 2018 (please export your EBSCO search results or search strategies before the end of July 2018).

To access these, please log in to BONE and upon opening your Dashboard (the usual homepage) click on the “e-learning tools" in the horizontal bar near the top of the page; then from the drop-down menu, please select "journal search".

Here is a screenshot of where to locate the link on BONE:


Quick search guide:

Firstly, search using your plain English subject keywords in PubMed, then OVID.

If you do not find useful results, or you need to record a structured literature search for your coursework method (including subject headings) please get in touch with the Library (0207 089 5324) should you need any assistance.
Searching using subject headings in PubMed (MeSH) is very similar to OVID and our old e-journals provider EBSCO.

To retrieve articles it is best to access PubMed and OVID via VMWare.
If links to articles from IJOM or JAOA fail, please try using the journal websites IJOM, JAOA) again using VMWare.
Alternatively, please contact the library.

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