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The Principal

The Principal and Chief Executive Officer (a single post) is the UCO's principal academic and administrative officer, providing leadership and strategic direction to the UCO with responsibility for its financial sustainability and for ensuring that the UCO is directed, managed and administered effectively on a day-to-day basis.

The Principal has particular responsibility for:
  • Organisation and management of the UCO and leadership of the staff;
  • Determination, after consultation with the Academic Council, of the UCO’s academic and other activities;
  • Preparation and management of the budget and resources;
  • Making proposals to the Board of Directors about the educational character and mission of the UCO;
  • Advising and informing the Board of Directors on all aspects of the academic and operational management of the UCO.
  • Implementing Board decisions.
The Principal is supported by a team of academics and managers with broad experience in higher education, primarily through two committees; a Principal’s Group and a Senior Management Team, each with responsibility for specific activities within the UCO (see below).

In addition, the UCO has Senior and Academic Management Structures in place to enable effective and efficient management.

The relationship between the Principal, the Principal’s Group, the Senior Management Team and the Board of Directors is shown in the 'UCO’s Committee Structure Diagram' published here:

The Principal's Group

The Principal’s Group has ownership of overseeing the delivery of the UCO's strategic plan and monitoring its performance. It also has a remit to horizon scan and to share this information and its implications for the UCO's function and direction. This group also has responsibility for the UCO-wide remuneration process that occurs each year. The Principal’s Group meets informally on a weekly basis and holds a formal minuted meeting each month. Agendas of the formal meetings are published and summaries of formal meetings are tabled at Senior Management Team meetings to enhance transparency and communication within the UCO.

The membership of the Principal’s Group includes:
  • The Principal (Chair)
  • Vice-Principal (Education)
  • Vice-Principal (Research)
  • Finance Director
Members of the Principal’s Group are invited to attend Board meetings and the Board’s sub-committees. Members of the Principal’s Group also make presentations to the Board of Directors on a range of issues to further the Board’s understanding of the UCO’s operations and to provide briefings on any essential issues.

The Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team is responsible for the operational management of the UCO's business and includes expertise from across the UCO.

The Senior Management Team normally meets on a monthly basis and agendas and summary reports of meetings are made public to enhance transparency and communication within the UCO.

Senior Management Structures

The Principal is supported by two Vice Principals; the Vice Principal (Education) and the Vice Principal (Research) who together with the Finance Director comprise the Principal’s Group (PG).

The key areas of responsibility of each of the following Principal’s Group members, all of whom report to the Principal, are as follows:

Principal's Group Member
Key Areas of Responsibility
Vice Principal (Education)
Strategic overview and responsibility for delivery of all current academic courses.
The development of new courses.
Quality assurance and quality processes for all taught provision.
Student recruitment.
Student admissions.
The Academic Registry.
Vice Principal (Research)
Strategic overview and responsibility for delivery of all research and scholarship activities.
Quality assurance and quality processes for the research area.
Research ethics.
The learning resources department.
The student support department.
Continuing Professional Development.
Finance Director
Financial strategy and management.
Responsibility for budgetary planning and reporting, as well as ensuring that the UCO has a robust system of internal control and financial regulation.

In addition to the members of the Principal’s Group the following staff members also support and report to the Principal:

  • Head of Clinical Practice with strategic responsibility for the UCO’s clinical provision.
  • ICT Manager with strategic responsibility for the UCO’s ICT provision.

Academic Management Structures

The Vice-Principal (Education) has overall responsibility for the delivery of all current academic courses and is supported in this by a number of key staff:

Key Staff
Key Areas of Responsibility
The Academic Registrar
Overall responsibility for the Academic Registry Department including both student and academic course administration.
Student registration, student advice, attendance monitoring, maintaining student records, assessments and examinations, academic regulations, course timetabling, and providing data for annual reporting.
The Dean of Osteopathic Education Development
A fully research active Professor with a key role in the development of the vision and evolution of the UCO’s educational strategies.
The Dean of Academic Development
Responsibility to contribute to the broader academic and leadership of the UCO, undertaking ambassadorial duties as required. To support the faculty by providing strong academic planning and operational leadership, promote innovation including the development of the School’s VLE, utilising technology and equipment to support teaching and to be responsible for the ongoing development of the Schools’ academic courses taking a role in the Quality Assurance of new opportunities for the UCO. To foster and develop scholarship, research and professional practice that drives the effective delivery of education with particular attention to the quality of the student experience.
Heads of Areas
Curriculum development and management of these areas across all pre-registration courses.
Heads of Areas report to the Vice-Principal (Education).
Course Leaders
Course Leaders maintain an oversight of each course and co-ordinate the activities of the Course Team.  They report either to the Head of Area (in the case of the Postgraduate Education) and/or to the Vice Principal (Education) (in all other cases). They take responsibility for ensuring the operational effectiveness of their course on a day-to-day basis and ensure that the course is being delivered effectively and efficiently by all academic staff.
Unit Leaders
The day-to-day management of units ensuring that each unit is delivered and assessed in line with the validated course documentation.
Unit Leaders report to the relevant Head of Area.

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