Governance & Management

The UCO’s Committee Structure

UCO Committees

Each of the UCO's committee operates individually according to prescribed Terms of Reference and memberships which are monitored and reviewed (normally on an annual basis) to ensure that their effectiveness is maintained or enhanced as appropriate.

Together they ensure efficient and transparent governance and operation of the UCO.

The Terms of Reference of each committee is published here:

The UCO's Committee Structure

The UCO’s Committee Structure is a diagrammatic representation of all committees in operation at the UCO showing the reporting lines and relationships of each.

The structure includes governance, institutional and academic committees.

The UCO's Committee Structure is published here:

The Committee Handbook

To ensure that the UCO’s Committee Structure continues to operate as a coherent whole that is fit for purpose, the UCO has produced a Committee Handbook which aims to promote good practice for committee operation and servicing.

The handbook provides information and guidance for committee Chairs, Secretaries and members, describes regulations and procedures for the efficient and consistent operation and servicing of committees, as well as providing an outline of the relationships between different committees and committee paper templates to be used within the UCO.

'The UCO Committee Handbook' is published here:

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