Governance & Management

Governance at the University College of Osteopathy

The UCO is governed by a Board of Trustees, known within the UCO as the Board of Directors whose responsibility it is to approve the mission, strategy and vision that meets the UCO’s objectives as a Higher Education Institution.

For more information about:
  • Membership & Responsibilities of the Board of Directors
  • Governance by the Board of Directors
  • Meetings & Minutes of the Board of Directors
  • Sub-Committees of the Board of Directors
  • Recruitment of Board of Directors
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Management at the University College of Osteopathy

Reporting to the Board of Directors is the Principal, who is the Chief Executive Officer and principal academic of the UCO.

The Principal manages the School with the support of a team of academics and managers with broad experience in higher education.

For more information about:
  • The Principal
  • The Principal's Group
  • The School Management Team
  • Senior Management Structures
  • Academic Management Structures
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Academic Governance & Management: The Academic Council

The Academic Council is the ultimate academic authority of the UCO (subject to the Board of Directors) and is responsible for promoting, regulating and directing the academic work of the UCO, including teaching and research. It oversees the UCO’s academic management and all aspects of quality and standards associated with the UCO.

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The UCO's Committee Structure

Governance and academic management at the UCO is represented by the UCO’s Committee Structure. This provides the institutional framework for the assurance of quality and the securing and enhancing of standards at the UCO. It consists of a number of committees each with its own Terms of Reference and responsibility for ensuring the efficient and transparent governance and operation of the UCO’s academic provision.

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