We believe that osteopathy should be accessible to everyone: our costs are low or in the case of our award-winning community outreach clinics, free and we can offer a swift service to patients who might face long waits for alternative treatment via the NHS. The clinical services and osteopathic treatment we offer continues to keep people mobile and help relieve the symptoms of a range of musculo-skeletal conditions.

To enable us to continue providing low cost and free treatment to those that need it most the UCO promotes and welcomes ideas for new fundraising opportunites which are overseen and considered by our Fundraising Committee, a sub-committe of the Board of Directors.

Fundraising Staff

Role Title
Head of Fundraising
Gareth Taylor
020 7089 5336

How to Support the UCO's Fundraising Activities

There are many ways that our staff and students can support the UCO’s fundraising activities:

Raise sponsorship money for the UCO’s community clinics against an activity you’re undertaking.
Get involved with UCO fundraising events and activities.
Use the easyfundraising link when ordering from a range of retailers (including for Amazon and other major stores) so that the School gets a referral donation.
Identify patient stories that tell a powerful tale – applications to trusts are always enhanced when we can talk about the impact of the work that we do on the patients we serve.
Talk to people about the UCO – tell patients, friends and family about the charitable work we do and if appropriate, put them in touch if they want to get involved.
Join the 500 Club – a fantastic group of our alumni who donate £42 per month (£500 per year) to support our work.
Get involved with the Fundraising Committee to share your ideas.

Please contact the Principal about your ideas for fundraising, and get involved!

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