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Pay Claims

Staff working additional hours agreed with their manager, claim for these additional hours through Pay Claim forms.  

There are two pay claim forms: FACULTY and CASUAL SUPPORT STAFF.  

If you are a lecturer or tutor, you should complete the faculty pay claim form.  This will be the case for most members of faculty.

The casual support staff form is used for library, exam invigilation and other sessional non-academic workers.

Further information and guidance is provided below.

Q:      Where can I find a copy of the Pay claim forms?

Both the Faculty and Casual Support Staff Pay Claim Forms can be found in FirstClass/All Staff Conference/Standard Forms for Staff.

Q:      How do I know if I need to submit a pay claim?

A:      Generally, work that needs to be claimed for will be stated as such in your contract or offer letter.  

A:      The UCO does not pay overtime, so it is important to check your eligibility to make a pay claim for work you are planning to undertake and to gain your manager’s agreement for this before you do the work.

A:      Please note that lecturers teaching on the Part Time M.Ost course, Access, IOS, IMS, Postgraduate (weekend) courses or I&E days do not need to submit a pay claim, as the Course Leaders will do this for each weekend worked for faculty staff.

Q:      When should pay claims be submitted?

A:      By the 5th of each calendar month for payment within the same month’s payroll, this is the 21st of each month.  

A:      All Part Time M.Ost course, Access, IOS, IMS, Postgraduate (weekend) courses, will be paid one month in arrears e.g. dates worked in January, will be paid in February.

A:      Claims that miss this deadline can be carried over, but please try to make claims in good time to ensure an even distribution of claims are processed by our finance department over the financial year.

Q:      Who should pay claims be submitted to?

A:      The Finance Manager who is based in the finance office (Room 4.12).

A:      Please submit Pay Claims by email to:

Q:      Who can authorise my pay claims?

A:      Your line manager or the manager who has asked you to do the work.  You should note that we cannot pay for claims which are not signed by the correct manager.

A:      Please keep copies of your submitted pay claims for reference in the event of a query.

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