Estates & Facilities

Emergency Procedures

All students and staff should familiarise themeselves with the Emergency Procedures outlined below.

Fire Exits, Drills & Wardens

Please familiarise yourself with the fire exits in the UCO's teaching and clinic buildings.

Within both buildings there are plans showing floor layouts and the nearest stairway to exit each building and Fire Exits from the buildings are fully signposted.

Further information is in the Library, teaching rooms, team points and tutorial points.

Fire drills are carried out on a regular basis; please follow the directions of the UCO's Fire Wardens who will make themselves known by wearing a high visibility vest.

The names of UCO staff who are trained and appointed Fire Wardens are posted within both buildings should you need their assistance.

Please ensure that all corridors and fire exits are kept free from obstruction at all times.

Emergency Evacuation

In the event of a fire or emergency evacuation please follow the Emergency Evacuation Procedures published here:

Suspect Packages

If you should discover any unattended baggage or parcels, do not attempt to investigate them.

Alert the Head of Estates (Room 4.17 / 020 7089 5308) immediately.

The Head of Estates will take the appropriate action ensuring that the building is evacuated if necessary.

In their absence please alert the Principal (Room 4.02 / 020 7089 5325).

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