The Clinic

Location & Facilities

The University College of Osteopathy's (UCO's) Teaching Clinic is located at 98 - 118 Southwark Bridge Road, just 10 minutes walk from ourTeaching Centre at 275 Borough High Street and is the largest osteopathic clinic in Europe.

The Clinic consists of 34 clinic rooms that are air-conditioned with sinks and modern facilities, a teaching room, two meeting rooms and office space and is the main location for the training of students on the UCO's pre-registration and some postgraduate osteopathic degree courses.

Opening Hours

The core opening hours of the Clinic are:

Monday - Friday (Student Clinic)
8:30am - 6:30pm
Monday - Thursday (Associate Clinic)
5:45pm - 8:15pm
Saturday (Associate Clinic)
8:30am - 12:30pm

Clinic Staff

Senior Clinic Staff who are available to help you throughout your time observing or training in the clinic may be contacted through FirstClass and are:

Role Title
Head of Clinical Practice
020 7089 5359
Clinic Reception Manager
020 7089 5362

In addition the Clinic Receptionists and Clinic Tutors are also available should you have any questions.

Clinic Information - Policies, Procedures, Guidance & Forms

Throughout your time observing / training at the General Clinic you will need to be aware of certain clinical regulations, policies, prodedures and guidance including:

Clinic Policies & Procedures found here:

Clinic Guidelines, Handbooks & Forms found here:

Safeguarding Policy found here:

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