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Conflict8:00 AM
Easter Vacation
Rpt:DailyUntil:Friday, April 20, 2018Loc:Rooms in UseDur:1/2 Hour
Conflict9:00 AM
Rpt:Until:Thursday, April 19, 2018Dur:8 Hours
Conflict9:00 AM
Room 4.16 - Be Activated - Level 2 David Donne
Rpt:DailyUntil:Tuesday, April 17, 2018Loc:Rooms in Use - 4.16Dur:8 Hours
Conflict9:00 AM
Room 2.01 - HR Interviews
Loc:Rooms in UseDur:8 Hours
Conflict2:00 PM
2.08 - GDPR meeting (Allan Scott)
Loc:Rooms in UseDur:1 Hour
Conflict6:00 PM
Room 1.05 - Vector Vest
Rpt:Monthly (same weekday)Until:Sunday, December 16, 2018Loc:Rooms in Use - 1.05 Sue ThornboroughDur:3 Hours
Conflict6:00 PM
Room 1.03 - Art Of Living
Rpt:WeeklyUntil:Sunday, May 6, 2018Loc:Rooms in Use -1.03Dur:3 Hours