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FirstClass is a suite of collaboration tools ( supporting chat, instant messaging, forums, blogs, wikis and email ) that enables teamwork, improves communication, and can make people and information easily accessible from any mobile or desktop device.  FirstClass enables you to always be in touch.

When you login to FirstClass it initially takes you to the FirstClass Desktop.  It is important not to confuse your FirstClass Desktop with your FirstClass Mailbox.  FirstClass uses the analogy of a Desktop to place shortcuts to FirstClass Apps, Forums and Folders onto a virtual Desktop.  One such App is the Mailbox. Viewing the Desktop as a List indiscriminately and confusingly mixes Apps with Forums and Folders.  It is therefore recommended that users view their FirstClass Desktop as Icons NOT as a List (just as they would not dream of viewing their computer desktop as a list rather than as a visual surface with icons located on it that act as shortcuts to particular programs or files).

FirstClass provides multiple ways in which users can access FirstClass content.  This enables users to take advantage of whatever device they happen to own in order to access FirstClass.  However, because each device is different and because they run on several very different operating systems, the user experience (ie the user interface) on FirstClass is NOT identical across all devices.  Some user interfaces are better than others.

As a product that has been around for more than a decade, FirstClass has also evolved through several different interfaces over time.  That is to say, as well as different interfaces being offered for each different device, it is also possible to access FirstClass by more than one interface on the same device.  This can be summarised as follows:


Please use the following links for further information:

To Access FirstClass:

With Limited functionality:     FirstClass App for Mobiles

With Full functionality:                FirstClass Client Downloads: PC/Mac/Linux

With Full functionality:                FirstClass Client: Obtain, Install and Setup

To Email with FirstClass:

For FirstClass Help:

For the FirstClass Application:

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