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Working on Your Own Devices

You are welcome to use your own Phone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop computers while working or studying at the UCO.  Please note, however, that even where a system specifically supports an App for a Phone or Tablet the User Interface is likely to be rudimentary compared with the Desktop Interface that is provided for the same Software.  The UCO does NOT provide an Interface to BONE that is optimised for Phone or Tablet use.

It is recommended that you Save a copy of all of your UCO-related files to your Personal H: Drive on the School Network.  All such files are backed-up by the UCO and you are offered considerably more security for such files than for those you do NOT save to your H: drive.  It is NOT recommended that you use USB Flash Drives for School work as such Drives are easily lost, can become corrupted, and are unnecessary since free Cloud-Based storage is readily available.

Access to your Personal H: Drive is possible from your home via a VMWare Horizon Client.

Please use the following links for further information:

                        H-drive Access via VMWare Horizon Client

                        Printers - How to Connect to a Printer from your own Device


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