ICT Resources

Microsoft Office

The UCO assumes all students have access to Microsoft Office.  UCO computers provide Microsoft Office 2010 running under Windows 7.

Please use the following links for further information:

                        Windows 7 Overview

                        Microsoft Office 2010 - Overview

Ways in which you can obtain Microsoft Office:

                        Using Microsoft Office on VMWare Horizon View Desktops

                        How to access the School's Microsoft Office from Home

                        Office 365

In addition to Tutorials provided within the Software, and also those available on the Internet, for those not familiar with the Software further information is available from the following links:

                        Getting Started with Office 2010 - Learn about the changes and see what’s new

                        Migration Guides - Answers to questions about making transition to Office 2010 programs

                        Download Office 2010 Training Courses - Free, downloadable versions of Training Courses

                                Word 2010 Training Courses

                                Excel 2010 Training Courses

                                PowerPoint 2010 Training Course

                                Microsoft Office Interactive Guides - Find Menu and ToolBar Commands in Office 2010

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