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SPSS Downloads

SPSS is installed on all of the computers in the Library and Learning Resource Centre Computer Rooms.  It is also possible for you to request your own copy of SPSS for use on your own PC or Mac Computer .  

There are several steps involved if you wish to use SPSS on your own Computer .  These are:

1  You must first sign a Copyright form and submit it to ICT at the UCO.  The blank form is available from a wall dispenser between rooms 3.02 and 3.03 at Borough High Street.  It can also be downloaded from here.  The completed SPSS form can be handed in to:

EITHER  The Staff member in Room 3.02 Mon to Fri between noon and 1pm

OR              Martin Webb in Room 3.03 at any other time between 9am and 5pm Mon to Fri

OR              The person on the desk in the Library at all other times

2  An ICT Staff member will then Email you the Software Licence Code

3  You are then in a position to install the software according to the following instructions.

Note that, as it is a complex program, the SPSS download is quite large and may take a long time to download if you are using a slow connection speed.  

Please use the following links for further information:

        Latest PC SPSS software


Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a Web Survey Application Tool, that is available to all Staff and Students at the UCO. for creating Surveys and Collecting Responses see:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/ 

Please use the following link for further information:

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