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The BSO now has a relationship with Microsoft that permits BSO students and faculty free access to Office 365 via your own Office 365 account.

What is a BSO Office 365 account?

A free licence to use Office 365 for the duration of your time at the BSO.

What is in it for me?

Free use of Microsoft Office on up to 5 devices PLUS free use of 25 Gb of cloud storage for the duration of your time at the BSO.  (Each subscription license allows you to run Office on up to five machines being Mac or PC. You can also run Office Mobile for Android or Office Mobile for iPhone--on up to 5 devices in total.)

Why is that useful?

Many of the BSO-published resources presume that you have Office applications available to you. It provides a space for you to keep all of your BSO files and assignments that you can access both at home and at the BSO and gives you Microsoft Office for free (for the duration of your time at the BSO).

How do I request it?

Send an email ( via FirstClass ) to:  Office 365 Applications or via any email system to: O365@bso.ac.uk       We will endeavour to respond to requests within seven days.

What does the "small print" say?

Students and staff should note that this amounts to a "try before you buy" offer, since once you leave the BSO you will need to subscribe to Microsoft to retain use of the Office 365 products.  Be aware that other companies and solutions are competing in this same space eg

Although offering some similar features, none of these four offerings is identical to any other.  They each entail a different set of advantages, challenges, and headaches.

The BSO Office 365 implementation does not include certain Office 365 features (eg Outlook email).  Office 365, as marketed by Microsoft, allows numerous add-on features that presuppose a much larger ICT department than we have at the BSO.  So, please note that the following add-on features are not currently supported within the BSO implementation:
                Outlook Web Apps and Exchange
                Sites for Teams
                Single Signon
                Lync and various other optional features

[ If you wish, you can operate your own independent subscription for Office 365, that you pay for directly to Microsoft.  Perhaps you already have such a subscription.  Alternatively, to apply to use the FREE OF CHARGE BSO implementation of Office 365 please email Office 365 Applications or O365@bso.ac.uk  to log your request.]

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