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How Do I go about using Office 365 at the BSO in Room 310

You need to have first of all applied for an Office 365 account by emailing ( using FirstClass ) Office 365 Applications or to O365@bso.ac.uk from any email system.

Login to the Virtual Desktop, as normal, using your BSO Network credentials.

Load Internet Explorer and proceed to:

Use your ....@bso.onmicrosoft.com credentials ( that were emailed to you within one week of your applying to Office 365 Applications ) to login to the above website.  Note that these credentials were emailed to you by Microsoft in an email with a Sender name of: reply-fecc17727765017b-108_HTML-736335658-1014838-445678@email.microsoftonline.com

Once logged into that site you will be prompted to "Sync this library" option.  We recommend that you do not use this when you are logging into any BSO computer ( although you may wish to use this option on your own computer at home ).

You can get to your Office 365 applications ( ie apps for Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc ) by clicking on the USE OFFICE ON DEMAND link on the lower left.  Then double click on the Office Program that you wish to use eg Word, Excel etc

When running an Office 365 app you may be asked to "Activate Office" by entering an email address.  At this point you must use your ...@bso.onmicrosoft.com credentials that were emailed to you by Microsoft. You may also be asked ( on the first such occasion ) to choose your preferred "File Format";  we recommend that you select the top option ( to use XML formats ).

When you are finished using an app ( via the Office on Demand link ), you should click on the disk icon ( upper left corner ) to Save the file.  You will then be presented with various options as to where you can save your file.  We recommend that you click on the option called "Computer" and then click on your BSO user name ( which will appear to the right of the "Computer" option ) then name your file and click on "Save".  This will save it to your H: drive.  Any file that you save here will be also available to you at home if you use the VMWare Horizon View Client on your computer at home.  ( Cf For further information click on the ICT Resources, Working on your own Devices links on the BSO Intranet Home Page or goto: http://intranet.bso.ac.uk/ICT_Resources/Working_on_your_own_Devices

Alternatively, if you use a laptop at the School, then you should instead ( ie instead of the "Computer" option described above ) consider using the third option called "OneDrive".  This will allow you to save the file on your 25Gb of free space on a Microsoft server ( in the Cloud ).  Any file saved here will be accessible to you anywhere you have an internet connection.  A 25Gb OneDrive for Business space on the Microsoft cloud is created for you, free of charge, as part of your BSO Office 365 account.  To create your space simply click on the "OneDrive" menu link on the top right of your screen when you login to your BSO Office 365 account.


As mentioned in the How to Apply email, the BSO implementation of Office 365 does not support use of:
                Outlook Web Apps and Exchange
                Sites for Teams
                Single Signon
                integration with FirstClass
                integration with the BSO (network) domain
Therefore, none of the Microsoft tutorials or help material on any of these topics should be expected to work on your BSO Office 365 account.

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