Human Resources

Staff Conference

The annual Staff Conference (also known as ‘Faculty Weekend’) is an important annual event in the calendar.

Normally running over a Saturday and Sunday in the autumn term, the weekend event addresses a range of issues relevant to the UCO that academic year.

As well as keynote presentations from external speakers, managers and specialists run workshops that staff can select to attend to improve their skills.

The weekend includes a report from the Principal & Chief Executive about the previous year and the plans for the year ahead, and Course Leaders and Heads of Area engage with their teams in relation to course development and review in a collective approach.

As well as the formal development that takes place over the weekend, a critical aspect of the Staff Conference is the opportunity it provides for teams that usually correspond virtually to talk about issues and improve communications. The unplanned outcomes are often as important as the formal aims of the weekend.

Attendance at the Staff Conference is contractual on an ‘every other year’ basis, and about 90-100 members of staff usually take part.

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