Human Resources

Staff Absence Procedure

Absence Procedure (Due to Illness or Accident)

The UCO acknowledges that there may be occasions when you are unable to work due to illness or accident.

If you are unwell or have had an accident that causes you to be absent from work you should inform your Line Manager by 8.30am or before teaching / tutoring commitments start on the day of absence with an indication of the likely period of absence.

If your Line Manager is not available please contact the HR Team on 020 7089 53332 / 5308.  

Depending on your role, it may also be important to additionally alert colleagues so that they can plan for your absence, for example, Clinic Tutors should let a member of the Clinic Reception Team know as early as possible so that patient numbers can be adjusted if necessary, and Teaching Staff should let a member of the Academic Registry know so that a notice can be sent to the relevant students.

This enables us to provide cover for your work in good time.  

Self-Certification of an Absence

All absences of one half-day or more should be self-certificated using the Self-Certificate Form here.  

Please give the full reason for your absence.

The Self-Certificate Form should then be signed off by your Line Manager and returned to the HR Manager (in Room 4.06).  

If your absence is longer than 7 consecutive calendar days (including weekends) we will require a certificate from a doctor or other primary healthcare practitioner.

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