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The new UCO iTrent portal allows direct access to your HR and payroll information. We really hope that this will be useful for our staff – particularly those who work part time at the BSO and might struggle to see their managers or our HR /payroll teams during the Mon-Fri working week. 

There are a number of ways that you will be able to use the information, and we hope that these will develop more in the future.
Please log in here if you are a employee:

Please Log in here if you are a manager:

Your personal log in details will be the ones you use to access the computer network at the UCO (rather than your First Class log in, if that’s different).
Please note that if you are a line manager, you will have a separate and additional log in to manage the people in your teams.

Further guidance and information on how to access this will be sent to you by email.
The system is quite intuitive, so you’ll quickly be able to find your way around. The key things to note from the outset are:

1 Payroll – you will be able to use iTrent to make a pay claim and to see your payslips. Simply click on the Pay & Benefits tab:

a  At the top of the screen your recent payslips will be shown in summary form; if you click on them, the full payslip will be downloaded as a PDF.
b  Similarly in the next section you’ll be able to download your P60 at the end of the year.
c   PAY CLAIMS: You will be able to put in a claim form for additional hours worked – this will be relevant to anyone who is hourly-paid rather on a fixed salary. Please complete the relevant form by clicking on the ‘Add Claim’ button, and then entering the start date of the month and choosing the relevant form (Additional Hours). Complete the table, and when you submit it, it will automatically be sent to your line manager to authorise.
d  With the implementation of the new system, there will be a move from our previous system of claiming to the iTrent system. Any additional hours worked in August 2016 will be claimed using the previous system. Hours worked from September 2016 onwards can be claimed using iTrent, but we will help if anyone has any difficulties in the first few months.
e  As previously, all claims need to be submitted to and approved by the line manager, no later than the 5th of each month. Anything submitted after that time will not be paid until the next month.
f   PLEASE NOTE – if you have more than one hourly paid job, you’ll need to complete a separate form for each one. Do come and see one of the HR team if this is complicated, and we can go through it with you.
2  Holiday – to book a holiday you can click on the Quick Link on the home page to ‘Book a Holiday’.
a  You can choose to book a single day, half day or more than one day, and the different options are all clearly laid out. Your holiday is calculated in hours by default, and again when the forms complete it’s sent to your line manager to agree. You’ll get an email from him/her when that’s occurred.

b  PLEASE NOTE – if you have more than one role at the UCO, you’ll need to complete a separate holiday booking for each one. We recognise this could be complicated and a little time consuming for people trying to book a week off if they report to different line managers for different roles/days, but it’s important to ensure the authorisation is correct. Apologies in advance for this!
3  Personal details – there are lots of other areas of personal information that you can update on the portal.
a   If you click on the Personal Details tab at the top of the page, you’ll be able to see different tabs.
b  Some of the tabs have already been completed with the information held previously on our Snowdrop database, but we would ask you to complete the others which will be blank.
c   Please update ‘next of kin’ information in particular, as these weren’t transferred over and could be important in the future.
d  Other tabs that you can update include your address and contact details, bank details and sensitive data.

4  Career development – in this section you WILL be able to update your qualifications, memberships and training tasks. However, it’s not quite ready yet, so we’ll let you know when that area of the portal is able to be updated.
5  What isn’t there – our new iTrent (HR & Payroll) system is a live system, and relates to everything from 1 August 2016 but not before then.
a   For example, you’ll see that your career history at the UCO is not included. While we’d love to have been able to add the rich history of people’s careers to the system, transferring it was too significant a job to the new database. We do still have all that information in our filing systems, but it’s not saved in iTrent.
b  Similarly, any pay information before 1 August 2016 won’t show on the portal. As our payroll and HR databases are now all in one place, it can only show the pay information for the financial year since iTrent was launched. Again, for previous pay information, please get in touch with the HR team or Jennifer Currie in the Finance Department.
We hope you find the new iTrent system to be intuitive and clear, but if you find any problems or errors with it please help us to iron them out for everyone by letting us know. Please email
Similarly, if it would help to go through the system with one of the HR team in person, please email as above and we’ll organise a convenient time to meet with you face to face. There will be workshops running throughout September and October to provide further guidance.

Thank you!
iTrent general queries - or 020 7089 5308 (Tee-J De Nobrega)
iTrent payroll queries - or 020 7089 5322 (Jennifer Currie)

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